Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a 'name' ...

Juvenile Diabetic.  I guess in essence that is part of what and who I am.  However, I am going to be 39 on next does that still qualify me as a 'Juvenile' ??  LOL.  I would have thought that with all the technology and modern advances in medicine they could atleast come up with a name for us 'Inbetweeners' (you know, inbetween being a juvenile and a geriatric) .
I realize and can appreciate that they now call us Type 1 Diabetics - but really?  All that really means to me is someone on insulin - which means if my 90 year old neighbor needs to be put on insulin than they are Type 1 - but I am trying to dig into something much deeper here ... Bear with me ... I mean, as a juvenile diabetic, most of us have had it from birth - teens, we have endured endless shots (thousands in some cases),  millions of finger pokes, handfuls of high and low glucose numbers, countless trips to the endocrinologists, and even mild to sever complications that come along with being US.  We've experienced the most because we've had it the longest ... Shouldn't we be able to get a new name like... oh, I'm thinking ...  "Graduated Juvenile Diabetics" ... We have 'graduated'to the next stage ... or how about 'Mature Juveniles' ... hmmm... okay maybe that doesn't apply to me at all times (hahaha), expecially when it comes to my love of Disney!!
I try to stay informed with what's going on in the diabetes world, and I am involved with local events for the Juvenile Diabetes Association, but I always find it funny that when we go to these events it is mostly geared toward the 'youngens' !  I feel as if I kind of blend into the background because I am not young enough (usually under 18) to be considered juvenile, but I do not fit under the category of Type 2 ... I just feel as if we 'inbetweeners' need to find a 'spot' where we can fit in !!
Does anyone else ever feel this way ??
I guess what spurred this whole thought for me was the fact that most people are not educated on what the two types of Diabetes are, and they assume when I tell them that I am a diabetic that I have gotten it as an adult and it was the result of eating too much sugar (I am still in amazement that people still think that way).  Now if I tell someone that I am a Juvenile Diabetic - they look at me as if they are not sure what that means, and one person even asked me if I were teasing because I am too old to be a juvenile!  Ha!   I'm stuck in limbo - an absolute purgatory of diabetes ...
Well, I guess until I can come up with a name that fits the category that I am in (39 yrs old with Diabetes for 26 yrs - yes, got it when I was 13) I will just sit tight, laugh at those that don't 'get it', and enjoy that into my mid-life there is still a part of me that will always be 'JUVENILE' !!!

Hope you all have a blessed day !!!
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