Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High Blood Glucose Readings and Fun in the Sun !

Aaaaahhhhhhhh!  The palm trees, the steel-drum bands, the azurine waters of the Caribbean, and the amazing sunshine ... makes a girl wish for just one more day !!  My trip was great and everything I had hoped it would be - except one little thing - blood sugars that would raise unexpectedly because of all the great SUNSHINE !  Huh ???  What???  All the while I'm thinking I'm doing great by getting some sun, some exercise, and by totally relaxing and being stress free!!  Right?? ... WRONG!  I've attached an article that I had found on and it's really interesting to know more about the mechanics of why and how.  Guess I'll just have to drink extra on the days I'm planning to play in the sun !!

The blood glucose readings were significantly higher than usual - they were up in the 300's - and then in the evening after I had eaten, etc.. I would go low ... guess my body was getting frustrated at me for not drinking more water/beverages and then taking insulin to correct when I probably didn't need the amount I administered. Hmmmm....

Now that I'm back in the cold, cold state of Michigan - life is back to normal and I'm dragging myself to work... daydreaming of the next Cruise or trip to Disney World !!
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