Thursday, March 24, 2011

I JUST WANT TO RELAX ... Like Everyone Else !!!

Aaaahhhh... the day in the life of an Adult Juvenile Diabetic, any Diabetic for that matter, or to take it one step further, any one who suffers from any sort of chronic or on-going ailment ... All we want to do is RELAX like everyone else ... atleast, that is all I want to be able to do!!

It is one of those things where I am getting up in the morning ... and instead of racing off to the shower - I have to STOP, take my blood sugar...if its lower I need to make sure to eat something so I don't go too low while in the shower.  Then, after I begin to get ready, I have to make sure that I have some sort of sugar on me so I don't go too low while driving or taking public transportation, make sure to eat, make sure I have supplies on me incase something were to happen while at work ... always need a back-up plan.  Then there is the little frustrations of the batteries not working properly in the pump (it's set up to where if the battery is too old, if the battery is used, if anything is wrong with the battery) than it won't work - kicker is - you only have 5 minutes to get a fresh working battery into the pump before all of your settings are DELETED.  Talk about pressure.  One time I went thru 6 batteries before I found one that would work.  You have to screw the cap off, screw it back on, if it doesn't work within a few seconds you have to repeat the whole process... 5 min sounds like a lot of time, but when pressed for it, it goes quickly. 

Scenario ... yesterday ... getting off of work at 5:30 pm to catch a SMART bus to take me to my car ... bus comes at 5:38pm - it's 5:20, so I decide to run to use the facilities.  While gathering my self together - the pump snagged on my pants and the little sticky where the canula is inserted into my leg comes out.  The only way to get it back in is to re-insert a brand new quick-set.  NOT SO QUICK, however!  I absolutely could not be with out my insulin til I arrived home (could have been well over an hour or more) So I raced back to my desk ... with NO time to spare I am trying to take the old insulin resevoir and connect it to a new tubing, then I need to insert the new port area... I wasn't in the position to place it in my leg (I didn't have the time to run back to the ladies room) so the abdomen it was - the only visible area on my body that I could get to by just lifting the side of my sweater.  So ... quick set in place, insulin resevoir in place, and ready to catch the bus ... I ran.  I don't usually run (total figure of speech), but with this broken foot ... I had to very quickly hobble!!  Without a moment to spare the bus was barreling down the street and stopped just as I was able to step up the curb !!  See ... I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO RELAX ... just hop on a bus and go.

Then there is the night time, BedTime.  Oh, I just can't fall asleep in front of a TV while dozing, etc... Oh, NO... I have to make sure to take my blood sugar readings, I have to make sure to take my medications, and most of all - I have to make sure I eat something...just to make sure I don't go too low during the night.  I am never able to just doze off after a big meal and relax ... I am constantly doing something that seems to be diabetes related.

Okay, okay, okay... it sounds like I'm just down right complaining ...but after 26+ years = I just want to be able to say 'The heck with Diabetes today, I think I'll just not worry about anything and RELAX' !!!  In a perfect world ... I would not have a tube constantly sticking out of some port on my body, I wouldn't constantly hear the beeping sounds that are projected from my pump letting me know it's time to check a blood glucose, or an error reading on the pump, or an 'auto off' alarn.  I hear these darned beeps in my head - even when they are not going off.. OY!!
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