Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This chicks not on 'Auto-Pilot'...I'm on 'Auto-Immune' !!

LOL... yes, being a juvenile diabetic we've all heard the words 'Auto-Immune' for most of our lives. And for those of us that DID get JD from an attack of the pancreas, we know (although it is still a mystery more often than not) that by some act of mutiny by our own bodies - we were attacked and our pancreases were left for dead ... literally!
I always thought when I was younger - and newly diabetic - that you could only get one disease in your lifetime ... you know, some have cancer, some have lupus, some have thyroid, etc... but the older I got, I see that it NOT the way it works at all ... especially in a body that is prone to 'auto-immune' diseases.  So besides the juvenile diabetes and the low-thyroid, I have recently found out that my body is allergic to gluten, or in auto-immune terms...Celiac Disease. 
Let me tell you a little bit about the Celiac ... its rather interesting that I've gone to several so called 'specialists' in the last dozen or so years ...yet, no body has ever told me that I had this recently, but I was really glad that my current Endo did the 'high end' blood test and found that this is what I have. I guess, too, the fact that my symptoms were a little opposite of the 'usual' symptoms experienced by those with Celiac, plus other doctors (including my family doctor) would always find a way to say it was 'age', 'weight', or the 'juvenile diabetes' .
I was at work, May 17th, and it was a typical day ... cereal in the morning, oatmeal for a snack in the mid morning, Jimmy Johns sandwich for lunch, and then.... a phone call from the doctors offiice.  The nurse on the other end of the line started to tell me that my blood tests came back and I tested positive for Celiac Disease ... well, I didn't even know I was being tested for this, but I said 'thank you' and began to research everything that I could on the internet - as quickly as I could !  It didnt seem toooooo bad, but then again I was thinking this is it...I have to do this ..just go cold turkey and do this now!!
The more I read the more I decided that this might be a 'blessing' in disguise ... and you know what ?!?  After being 'GLUTEN FREE' for 10 weeks (in 2 days) ... I have a ton more energy, my choices of food are healthier on average .. wtih the occasional McDonalds Egg McMuffin - minus the muffin !! LOL!!
There are so many choices now a days for celiacs ... there are markets that actually make home made gluten-free pastries, cakes, donuts, etc.. and they even have gluten free pizza in many of the main stream pizza places !  I do eat a lot more salads and drink a lot more water than I used too, but this is part of that 'blessing in disguise' for me!
So now I am a Juvenile Diabetic wtih low thyroid and have Celiac Disease ... BOY! What a total random mix of activity going on in my body ... hmmmmm... wonder why 'weight loss' can't be part of the 'auto-immune' plan !!  Just my thougths !!
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