Thursday, May 5, 2016


The number '2500' has significant meaning to me this week ... it is a number that embodies 'challenge' to me, and its a number that I am working toward steps !   In my last blog I mentioned that my office was doing a GM Walking Challenge, and that we were to monitor our steps daily, and it would be a competition between groups, etc.  I am in a group with 4 others who, as well, are limited in some capacity or they want to do this for fun and in a 'non-competitive' way; Self Challenge.

2500 signifies that number of steps I want to achieve daily !  2500 is the number that I chose to work toward each day- and the number of steps where I can build my core strength (without totally overdoing it & quitting before I get started), and build a foundation to move toward my next goal of 2750.  This may seem like a very small and insignificant amount of steps..but let me tell you... with each step I become amazed at how far the Lord has really carried me thru everything !  I went from not walking at all (after surgery)  for 14 weeks, walking about 10 steps daily for a week, and then to about 100 steps daily..and now, three weeks after I've actually begun to walk again, I am inching toward my 2500 step a day goal !!!  MAN IT FEELS GREAT !!!   Okay, so the joints are a little rusty...hahaha... but I am working toward a goal, and I will not slow down (no pun intended) until I can reach the ultimate goal of 10,000 steps per day + a bike ride for good measure !!

Every day I can tell that my strength is starting to return, my leg muscles are becoming stronger, and I can tell that my countenance is much happier and confident!  I am becoming that person I knew I always was inside !  Woooo-Hoooo!!

I have the iFit Vue around my wrist, I have my tennis shoes on, and I am ready to GO !  LOL... okay, one more lap around the join the others who are getting up and moving for the challenge.  2500 is a great number and I am almost there .... I can't wait til next week when I strive for 2750.

Life never felt so good !  Always CHALLENGE yourself !   #2500

Til next time...
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